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>> First of its kind Alzheimer’s drug

>> Controversial mental illness initiative

>> Man catches on fire in hospital

The Med & Mic™ 11.30.22

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Cognitive decline slows with forthcoming Alzheimer’s drug

In phase III clinical trials, the Alzheimer’s drug, lecanemab, slows cognitive decline by 27% for people in the early stage of the disease. In a study of nearly 1,800 patients over 18 months, researchers found moderately less decline on measures of cognition and function for the medication group compared to placebo. The drug is a monoclonal antibody that removes proteins in the brain that disrupt cell function. Brain swelling and bleeding were noted in 20% of the medication group, and two patients died. The FDA is expected to make an approval decision in early January. (Source: ABC News, M. Kekatos, S. Salzman, F. Crittenden, 11.29.22)

Mental Illness Treatment For All in Need

New York City police and city medics have been directed to get mentally ill people off the streets and into treatment, even involuntarily committing them to the hospital if they refuse care. Mayor Eric Adams calls it a moral obligation to act, and he says without intervention people with mental illness cycle in and out of hospitals and jails. People who are mentally ill could be hospitalized if they are a danger to themselves or unable to care for themselves. The city is developing a phone line that would allow police officers to consult with clinicians. Civil rights groups and advocates for the homeless have condemned the initiative. (Source: AP, B.C. Calvan, 11.29.22)

Hospital Code Ignites Patient

A bedridden man who coded caught on fire during an attempt to resuscitate him. The man’s wife said flames covered her husband's body after paddles were applied to his chest to deliver an electrical charge to the heart. He was taken to a burn unit where he later died on Thanksgiving. (Source: WKRN, N. McGee, 11.28.22)

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