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>> Womb for discussion: an possible advance for premature babies

>> Morning vs. evening exercise

The Med & Mic™ 09.19.23

MED NEWS blog post from Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC

FDA Considers Artificial Womb

The FDA is holding a two-day panel to discuss the best way to test safety and effectiveness of an artificial womb. The panel will also discuss regulations and ethics. The artificial womb was developed to help extremely premature babies survive. Fewer than 1% of babies are born before 28 weeks, the intended patients. The artificial womb could not be used from conception. No such device has been tested in humans, but a few have been tested in animals with success. The first day of the hearing will be open to the public, but the second day will be closed because of proprietary information. (Source: CNN, J. Christensen, 9.19.23)

Exercise Timing

Early morning activity between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. could help with weight loss. Researchers reviewed two years of data from the CDC’s national health and nutrition examination survey, which included information from 5,200 adults about diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. People who did moderate to vigorous exercise in the morning had a lower body mass index. However, the findings could be explained or influenced by other factors besides exercise. (Source: NBC News, K. Sullivan 9.19.23)

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