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>> Booster data: who responds best

>> Cool new therapy for prostate cancer

>> A dish of cells plays Pong

The Med & Mic™ 10.14.22

MED NEWS blog post from Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC

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Human Data on New Boosters

The first data in humans about the new bivalent COVID boosters show that the shots are as safe as previous versions, and they generate a strong immune response. At one week after a 30-microgram dose, 40 adults ages 18 to 55 and 40 adults older than 55 tolerated the booster well and had significantly increased neutralizing antibodies against the BA.4 and BA.5 variants. However, older people developed less of an immune response to the variants. The data comes from Pfizer. Moderna has not yet released data about its bivalent booster. The new boosters, which target original COVID and Omicron variants, were authorized based on animal studies. (Source: USA Today, K. Weintraub, 10.13.22)

Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer

As an alternative to surgery and radiation for prostate cancer, which can have sexual and urinary complications, doctors are offering cryotherapy. With a special tool, they can freeze the cancerous lesions in the walnut-sized gland below the bladder, killing the cancer cells. The same day procedure is covered by insurance with no down time or pain medicine needed. However, the cancer can return in the untreated parts of the prostate. (Source: WCVB, J. Brown, 10.11.22)

Brain Cells Play Video Games

Scientists have been able to create a dish of brain cells that can play the simple 2D table tennis video game Pong. The goal of the research was to understand how the brain learns. The scientists grew a layer of living neurons on a silicon chip in a petri dish and hooked the chip up to a computer. The computer could receive and deliver electrical signals to the neurons. The brain cells got an organized burst of electrical activity when they hit the ball. When they missed, they received chaotic white noise. With time, the rallies got longer. The results hint at more intelligent biology-assisted computers in the future. (Source: NPR, J. Hamilton, 10.14.22)

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