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>> A Shot for Breast Cancer

>> Pre-drugged Patients Pose Problems

>> More Kids in Hospital for a Condition During Pandemic

The Med & Mic™ 11.09.22

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Breast Cancer Vaccine

An experimental breast cancer vaccine shows promising results in early studies. The DNA vaccine targets a protein that plays a role in about 30% of breast cancers. Researchers at the University of Washington have followed advanced breast cancer patients who received the vaccines. Ten years later, 80% are still alive. Those who received three doses had the most anti-tumor immunity. Side effects include injection site pain, flu-like symptoms, and fatigue. The researchers are recruiting participants for a phase II trial. (Source: CBS News, A. Monzon, 11.7.22)

Dentists: Patients Under the Influence

In a survey from the American Dental Association, 52% of dentists say patients have arrived at appointments high on marijuana or another drug. Dentists have had to limit treatments or adjust anesthesia. Also, because marijuana can increase anxiety, paranoia, and hyperactivity, it can make dental visits more stressful. Furthermore, marijuana use can contribute to problems with the teeth, mouth, and gums. Marijuana is legal in 19 states and Washington, D.C. Dentists are raising concerns and recommend that patients refrain from marijuana use prior to appointments. (Source: The Hill, G. Melillo, 11.7.22)

Eating Disorders During Pandemic

During the pandemic, admissions to the hospital for young adults and adolescents in the U.S. with eating disorders rose by 7.2% per month. Prior to the pandemic, the monthly increase was only 0.7%. From the spring of 2020 to the spring of 2021, the number of hospitalizations for eating disorders doubled, reaching a peak in April 2021. (Source: CNN, M. Holcombe, 11.7.22)

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