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>> Early signs of a surge

>> Outbreak: screening air travelers

>> CDC Moves to Weekly Reporting

The Med & Mic™ 10.07.22

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Warning Signs of Coming COVID

Based on computer models, COVID is expected to decline through the end of the year in the U.S. However, scientists are watching an assortment of new omicron subvariants that appear to be better at evading immunity. Current increases in France and Germany add uncertainty. Also, the levels of virus in wastewater in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont and other parts of the Northeast are up. Infections and hospitalizations are rising in some parts of New England and the Pacific Northwest. If a surge does occur, it is not likely to be as severe as previous years in terms of disease and death. (Source: NPR, R. Stein, 10.7.22)

U.S. Screens Air Travelers for Ebola

All travelers from Uganda to the U.S. will be directed to five airports where they can be screened: JFK, Newark, Atlanta, O’Hare, or Dulles. The CDC also alerted health care professionals and public health departments to be on the lookout for Ebola. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and unexplained bleeding. There are no cases in the U.S. at this point, but in Uganda, there have been 60 cases and 29 deaths in the past two weeks, including four health workers. (Source: STAT News, A. Joseph, 10.6.22)

CDC Stops Daily COVID Counts

The CDC says it is shifting to weekly COVID updates after two years of daily data on cases and deaths. Local health departments will be reporting new COVID cases and deaths to the CDC every week on Wednesdays. The CDC’s community level ratings which guide masking recommendations are already issued weekly. (Source: CBS, A. Tin, 10.6.22)

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