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>> The COVID Forecast

>> New weight loss pill on the horizon

>> Can optimism stave off surgery?

The Med & Mic™ 10.06.22

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COVID Variants Anticipated

With COVID on the rise in Europe, scientists are monitoring more than 300 sublineages of Omicron. Which one will become dominant is not yet clear. Many of the subtypes are developing the same mutations, suggesting that these genetic changes confer more fitness to the viruses. Existing monoclonal antibodies have been rendered useless by COVID’s evolution. This could leave people at high risk for severe COVID vulnerable. (Source: STAT News, A. Joseph, 10.6.22)

FDA to Consider Obesity Drug

This year the FDA will review the drug tirzepatide from Eli Lilly for its use as a weight loss medication. The company is submitting two late-stage trials. In the studies, the drug helped patients lose 20% of their weight. Another anti-obesity medication, Wegovy, from Novo Nordisk is currently on the market. The FDA has therapies for obesity on the fast track to fill an unmet medical need. Obesity is estimated to affect 40% of the U.S. population. Tirzepatide is currently FDA approved for type two diabetes. (Reuters, 10.6.22)

Lower Risk for Appendectomy with Optimism in Antibiotics

Patients who believed antibiotics would treat their appendicitis had a lower risk of having an appendectomy. In a randomized trial, the patients who got antibiotics and responded on a survey that they believed treatment would be completely successful had a 13 point lower risk of surgery at 30 days compared to those who believed the antibiotics would be unsuccessful or were unsure. The beliefs may have led to differences in antibiotic adherence. The study also showed that outcomes with antibiotics were not worse than surgery, though many of the patients on antibiotics still needed an appendectomy later. (Source: MedPage Today, Z. Hamza, 10.5.22)

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