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#COVID #vitamins #cognition

#COVID #vitamins #cognition

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>> An encouraging COVID statistic

>> Could vitamins keep you sharp?

The Med & Mic™ 09.15.22

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COVID Deaths at a Low Mark

The WHO says the number of deaths across the globe from COVID was at its lowest last week since March 2020. In the past week, 11,000 deaths were reported worldwide, down 22%. Also, 3.1 million new cases were reported, a drop of 28%. However the case count could be off with more home testing and less public health reporting. The agency wants governments to bolster their efforts against COVID ahead of an expected winter surge and any possible new variants. (Source: CBS News, AP, 9.13.22)

Vitamins Outperform Placebo in Cognition Study

In a three-year study from Wake Forest University, researchers found that adults 65 and older who took Centrum Silver scored better on thinking and memory tests compared to people taking placebo. The study involved 2,200 seniors with no significant cognitive impairment. They were randomly assigned to one of four groups: 1) vitamins (Centrum Silver) plus cocoa extract, 2) the vitamins plus placebo, 3) placebo plus cocoa extract, and 4) two placebos. The participants received cognitive assessments by phone. Both the placebo and the vitamin groups improved in scores, but at year three, those in the vitamin group had sustained improvement. The effect was particularly pronounced among participants with a history of heart disease. (Source: STAT News, J. Wosen, 9.14.22)

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