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>> New, but familiar, flu shot tech

>> Neuro complications from monkeypox

>> For better mental health, when should you eat?

The Med & Mic™ 09.14.22

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New Flu Shot in Late-Stage Study

Pfizer has started a late-stage study with a messenger RNA flu shot. This is similar technology to its widely-used COVID vaccine. The U.S. study involves 25,000 participants. The technology allows for more rapid adjustments, which could facilitate better matches with circulating strains. Traditional flu shots involve predictions about the prevailing strains and annual changes ahead of the flu season. Last year, early data about Moderna’s mRNA flu vaccine showed no difference against existing flu shots. (Source: Reuters, 9.14.22)

Brain and Spinal Cord Complications from Monkeypox

The CDC says two previously healthy gay men in Colorado and Washington, D.C. have experienced inflammation of the brain and spinal cord from monkeypox. This occurred over the summer. Neither had known monkeypox exposure or recent travel. In the case of the man from D.C., symptoms began with fever, muscle pain, and rash. Swabs were positive for monkeypox. Five days after symptoms started he developed incontinence, leg weakness, and trouble thinking. He was admitted to the ICU, and MRI scans showed abnormalities in the brain and spinal cord thought to be related to monkeypox. (Source: DC News Now, B. Farrell, 9.13.22)

Eating and Mental Health

Eating during the day may be better for mental health than eating at night. In a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, researchers disrupted the circadian rhythms of 12 men and 7 women to simulate night shift. Those who ate during the day and night experienced more depression and anxiety. Those who ate only during the day did not. (Source: WBZ, M. Marshall, 9.12.22)

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