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>> Will flu come early this year?

>> Sickness prompts school closure

>> More doctor visits ahead if you’ve had this

The Med & Mic™ 10.17.22

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Signs of an Early Flu Season

Flu positivity in the U.S. last week was 3.3%, though in the South Central region it was 5%, and in the Southeast over 10%. Hospitalizations are increasing in places where influenza-like illnesses are also increasing.

One high school in California is facing a high number of absences among students due to possible flu cases. (Sources: STAT News, H. Branswell, 10.17.22 and CNN, J. Howard, 10.14.22)

Forty Percent of School Sickened

About 200 of 530 students at an elementary school in Groton, Massachusetts became sick last week with diarrhea and vomiting. The Groton Board of Health closed the school due to the rapid spread of the illness and the age of the students. The school was deep-cleaned and disinfected. Food, milk, and water supplies were tested also, but no contaminants were found. Officials determined the likely cause to be norovirus. (Source: MassLive, J. Cote, 10.15.22)

More Health Care Visits with History of COVID

A study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows more use of the health care system among people who have had COVID compared to those who have not had the infection. Researchers analyzed the data of nearly 270,000 people in Ontario with a positive PCR test in 2020 or 2021 and compared them to a similar set of people who had not tested positive. Two months after infection, there were more visits to clinics, emergency rooms, and the hospital, and there were more home health visits and long-term care needs for the group that had acquired COVID. (Source: STAT Morning Rounds, E. Cooney, 10.17.22)

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