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>> A positive downturn

>> Initiative: Robots to Screen for Cancer

>> Drug class can blunt lows and highs

The Med & Mic™ 01.23.23

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Flu, RSV, and COVID on the Decline

The number of emergency department visits for flu, COVID, and RSV has dropped to the lowest level in three months across all age groups. CDC data show that overall respiratory virus activity across the country continues to decline.

  • Only four states, New York City, and Washington, DC have high levels of flu-like illness. A month ago, nearly all states were in this category.

  • RSV activity peaked in mid-November.

  • Hospitalizations for COVID started to rise in November and exceeded summer levels. However, community levels of COVID have decreased from 22% to 6% over the past two weeks.

(Source: CNN, D. McPhillips, 1.20.23)

Europe to Use Artificial Intelligence in Health Screening

The European Union plans to collect and aggregate cancer imaging data to use artificial intelligence for cancer screening. The EU Health Commissioner hopes the technology will change the understanding of how cancer develops. The project links with existing efforts to extend routine screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer to 90% of Europeans. (Source: Reuters, 1.23.23)

Antidepressants Blunt

Common antidepressants can make people less sensitive to rewards. While the medication can help with emotional pain, they can also take away from some of the enjoyment. Researchers have found that SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can affect reinforcement learning, which allows people to learn from their actions and environment. In a study of 66 volunteers, half got an SSRI and half got a placebo. After 21 days, participants filled out surveys about thinking and function. Participants who received active drug were less likely to use positive and negative feedback to guide their learning. SSRIs target serotonin, a chemical signal between brain cells. (Source: The Independent, N. Marshall, 1.23.23)

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