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>> Lowering Lead in Baby Food

>> Treatment Resistant Depression Risks

>> Pregnancy Length by Country

The Med & Mic™ 01.25.23

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New Limits on Lead in Baby Food

The FDA is issuing new guidelines to reduce lead levels to the lowest possible level at 10 parts per billion in products packaged in baby food jars, pouches, tubs, and boxes, and 20 parts per billion in dry cereals. The new limits could result in a 24 to 27% reduction in exposure to lead. Lead is found in the environment and absorbed by plants, so traces remain in vegetables, fruits, and grains. The heavy metal can be harmful to developing brains. (Source: NPR, A. Aubrey and J. Greenhalgh, 1.25.23)

Early Identification of Treatment Resistant Depression

People who have treatment resistant depression are three times more likely to be hospitalized and have a 23% higher risk of death compared to those with only major depressive disorder. Depression is considered treatment resistant if there is no remission after completing two or more antidepressant regimens of adequate dose and duration. In a Swedish study involving 145,000 people with symptoms of depression, 11% percent were diagnosed with treatment resistant depression. They were more prone to anxiety, stress, self-harm, lost work days, and an increased use of health care. (Source: Forbes, A. Varanasi, 1.25.23)

Shorter Pregnancies in the U.S.

Compared to European countries, pregnancy in the U.S. is shorter. Researchers compared birth cohorts in the U.S., England, and the Netherlands. In the U.S. 76% of births occurred before 40 weeks, compared to 60% in England and 56% in the Netherlands. Also, the gestational age at birth decreased by half a week in the U.S. over the last 30 years from 39.1 weeks to 38.5 weeks. (Source: Technology Networks, M. Campbell, 1.24.23)

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