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>> Check your applesauce

>> Weight loss drug may be harder to find

>> Hard knocks for science

The Med & Mic™ 11.15.23

A medical news blog post

from the author of “Scoop, MD”

Applesauce Pouches Sicken Children

The CDC is urging vigilance after lead-tainted pouches of applesauce have sickened 22 toddlers in 14 states with headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, and anemia. Kids who have eaten from the recalled the WanaBana, Schnucks, and Weis applesauce pouches should be tested for lead levels. Learning difficulties and behavior problems can result from lead exposure. The heavy metal may get into food products from soil, air, water, or industrial processes. (Source: AP, J. Aleccia, 11.13.23)

Germany To Ban Ozempic Exports

Germany’s drug regulator is considering a ban on exports of the diabetes drug Ozempic. The injectable medication is in high demand as a weight-loss product off-label. The exports have been going to other European countries and the U.S. To maintain supplies for people with type 2 diabetes, Britain and Belgium have temporarily banned its use for weight loss. (Source: Reuters, L. Burger, 11.15.23)

Trust in Science Declines

A new report from the Pew Research Center shows America’s trust in science has declined to 57%, down 8 percentage points from November 2021, and down 16 percentage points from 2019. Also, 8% think science has a “mostly negative” impact on society. However, 78% still believe that government investments in scientific research are worthwhile, and more than half consider it “very important” for the U.S. to be a world leader in scientific achievements. (Source: CNN, G. Viswanathan, 11.14.23)

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