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>> Meat and Cheese Warning

>> A New Source of Blood?

>> Schools close to curb spread

The Med & Mic™ 11.10.22

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Outbreak from Deli Meats and Cheese

The CDC says 16 infections and one death from Listeria have been traced to deli meats and cheese in six states. From April 2021 to September 2022, there were infections in New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California. Thirteen people were hospitalized, and one person suffered a pregnancy loss. The number of people affected is thought to be higher since not everyone reported illness and some recovered without being tested. The CDC, FDA, and Department of Agriculture are investigating delis and specific products linked to the bacteria. (Source: NPR, A. Archie, 11.10.22)

Lab-made Blood

Researchers in England are testing lab-made red blood cells in human volunteers. By using stem cells from donors, the researchers grew red blood cells and transfused them into two healthy people. As part of the study, they received two mini-transfusions, the equivalent of two teaspoons of blood, four months apart – one with regular, donated blood and one with the generated blood product. The researchers are monitoring the volunteers to make sure the process is safe and to find out how long the lab-grown cells last. Additional study will be needed to determine whether this process could be used clinically. If so, it could help people with hard-to-match blood types or people with sickle cell disease. (Source: CNN, J. Christensen, 11.09.22)

Ebola Ends School Year

Uganda is ending its school year early to prevent further spread of Ebola among schoolchildren. Among 135 cases, 23 children have been infected and eight have died. The school year will end on November 25, two weeks early. The outbreak has extended to a major metropolitan community. The mortality rate with Ebola is 50% on average, but for the outbreak in Uganda it has been closer to 30%. Early diagnosis and treatment with intravenous fluid, medication, and monoclonal antibodies can lead to the most positive outcomes. (Source: NPR, M. Barnhart, 11.10.22)

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