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>> Long COVID Protests

>> Monkeypox in Major City School

>> Toxic Candy

The Med & Mic™ 09.20.22

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Protesters Call Attention to Long COVID

People with long COVID protested in front of the White House. They were upset with the president declaring the pandemic over. One protester said that Biden should acknowledge the pandemic of people living with the long-term consequences. Protesters called for federal funding and attention to long COVID and chronic fatigue syndrome. (Source: MedPage Today, J. Frieden, 9.19.22)

Boston Public Schools Case of Monkeypox

An adult in the Boston Public Schools community has tested positive for monkeypox. The individual is reportedly isolating at home, and the school has been cleaned and disinfected. Which school was affected and what role the individual played has not been disclosed. The Boston Public Health Commission is monitoring the situation. Monkeypox spreads mostly through close sustained contact. (Source: WBUR, C. Jung, 9.19.22)

Beware: Nicotine Gummies

The FDA is warning parents to be on the look out for products that look like gummy candies but are actually nicotine-based. The gummies come in 12-packs. Each gummy contains 1 milligram of nicotine. A dose of 1 to 4 milligrams can be toxic to children. The agency has sent a warning letter to VPR Brands, the company that makes the nicotine gummies, saying the company had not asked for premarket authorization. The VPR Brands website says the gummies have been discontinued. (Source: CNN, J. Christensen, 9.16.22)

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