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>> Unregulated Melatonin Products Could Pose Danger

>> New Treatment for ALS

The Med & Mic™ 04.26.23

MED NEWS blog post from Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC

Melatonin in Gummies

Some melatonin gummies sold as sleep aids contain potentially dangerous amounts of the sleep regulating hormone, according to an analysis of 25 products. One contained 347% more than what was on the label, and one product contained no melatonin at all and only cannabidiol (CBD). Parents may give the gummies to their children to help them sleep, even though melatonin may be associated with side effects such as headaches, agitation, and bedwetting. The hormone can also affect hormonal development. Poison control centers have had over a quarter million calls about melatonin ingestion. There has been a 530% increase in these types of calls between 2012 and 2021. The FDA does not have the authority to approve dietary supplements before they are marketed. (Source: CNN, S. LaMotte, 4.25.23)

New ALS Drug Approved

The FDA has given fast-track approval of a drug for an inherited form of ALS. It affects fewer than 500 people in the U.S. with a rare genetic mutation. The medication blocks the formation of a toxic protein by interfering with genetic signals. The drug is delivered into the spine with three injections over two weeks, then monthly injections thereafter. In a 100-person study, the drug did not slow decline in function, but it showed a significant change in the amount of toxic protein. Treatment costs $158,000 a year. The FDA is requiring Biogen to continue studies in people who have the mutation but have not yet shown symptoms of the disease. (Source: AP, M. Perrone, 4.25.23)

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