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>> New figures: death and monkeypox

>> Frozen stash opens up possibilities

>> Virus catches virus-fighter

The Med & Mic™ 10.24.22

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Six Deaths in People with Monkeypox

Local health departments have confirmed six deaths in people who tested positive for monkeypox – two in New York City, two in Chicago, and one in Maryland. The two people in Chicago had multiple other health conditions, including weakened immune systems. The person in Maryland was immunocompromised and had a severe case. The number of cases has been dropping, but concern persists about severe disease, especially in immunocompromised people. The viral illness can be a contributing factor but may not be the ultimate cause of death. (Source: CNN, R. Frehse, K. Dillinger, A. Elassar, 10.23.22)

Frozen Batch of Ebola Vaccine

Drug maker Merck has up to 100,000 doses of an experimental vaccine against Ebola. They are in a freezer in Pennsylvania and have never been tested on people. Merck will donate the supply to fight the outbreak in Uganda. The World Health Organization and the Ugandan government are considering how to include these doses in clinical trials starting next month. The vaccine targets the Sudan strain, which is circulating now and does not have an affirmed vaccine. Historically, pharmaceutical companies have taken little interest in Ebola vaccines because of the typically small market of hundreds of cases during outbreaks. So far in Uganda, 75 people have become ill with Ebola and 28 have died in the current outbreak. (Source: Science, J. Cohen, 10.23.22)

CDC Director Has COVID

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, tested positive for COVID Friday night. On Saturday, the agency announced her illness, which has been mild. She is up to date on her vaccines. She is isolating at home and participating in meetings virtually. Staff and close contacts are monitoring their health. (Source: ABC News, N. El-Bawab, 10.22.22)

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