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>> Who is getting overburdened with monkeypox?

>> Food could look different at the grocery store

The Med & Mic™ 09.27.22

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STI Clinics Stretched

The surge in monkeypox cases is causing long waits for appointments, extra days to diagnosis, and delayed treatment at public health clinics that take care of people with sexually transmitted infections. Resources are being stretched thin, and care that would have gone to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is being diverted to take care of monkeypox. Testing, vaccines, and antiviral treatment can be logistically challenging and require staff, administrative support, and budget. The CDC has told groups receiving grants for STD and HIV care that they could take advantage of additional funding, if it is approved by Congress. (Source: STAT News, A. Joseph, 9.27.22)

Food Label Update

The White House wants the FDA to research food labels and create new rules to have them appear on the front of packages. This is part of a plan announced at a conference on hunger, nutrition, and health. One goal is to prompt industry to reformulate their products to be healthier. The plan calls for an update on what companies can call “healthy.” (Source: NPR, X. Bustillo, 9.27.22)

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