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#Mycoplasma #Influenza The Med & Mic™ 11.27.23

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>> Why are kids in China getting sick?

>> New flu strain in humans

The Med & Mic™ 11.27.23

A medical news blog post

from the author of “Scoop, MD”

China Overwhelmed with Sick Kids

Main points:

  • China’s hospitals have exceeded capacity with children admitted for respiratory illnesses and pneumonia-like symptoms.

  • Chinese health authorities say they have found no unusual or novel diseases.

  • The WHO is monitoring the situation.

Interesting detail:

  • Infections with Mycoplasma pneumoniae (“walking pneumonia” with sore throat, fatigue, and a lingering cough) have been noted in children five to 14.

(Source: The Independent, S. Mishra, AR Sarkar, 11.17.23)

First Human Case of Pig Flu Strain

Main points:

  • As part of routine flu surveillance, Britain has detected the first human case of influenza A(H1N2)v, which is similar to a pig flu virus.

  • The infected individual had mild symptoms and has recovered. Contacts are being monitored.

Interesting detail:

  • Fifty other human cases have occurred with this virus around the world since 2005, but this particular strain is different.

(Source: Reuters, S. Young, 11.27.23)

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