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>> The New Emphasis in Pain Treatment

>> Why Established Patients Get Dropped

The Med & Mic™ 11.4.22

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CDC’s New Guidance on Pain Medicine

In a 100-page document, the CDC has issued new guidance on prescribing pain medication. It includes advice on managing pain after surgery and chronic pain. It calls for individualized care and the use of non-opioid strategies to advance function and quality of life. Previous recommendations left many people with pain undertreated as insurers, state medical boards, and laws curbed opioid prescriptions. (Source: NPR, W. Stone and P. Huang, 11.3.22)

Some Patients Must Find New Doctors

Some people who have not seen their doctor in three years are losing their “established” status and are instead classified as “new” patients in the electronic medical records. In some cases, they receive an online dismissal notification and have to find a new doctor. In other cases, the patient is unaware. Removing inactive individuals from a doctor’s roster opens up slots and access for others. Also, after a lengthy break, updating medical, family, and social history can be as time-consuming as with someone new. But people can find the process of setting up with a new doctor disconcerting with available appointments months away. (Source: Kaiser Health News, M. Andrews, 11.3.22)

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