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>> More than one virus causing paralysis

>> Common medicine in pregnancy linked to childhood behavior problems

>> News anchor’s cancer diagnosis

The Med & Mic™ 09.29.22

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Paralytic Illness in Children on the Rise

CDC data show an increase in acute respiratory illnesses and emergency department visits because of rhinovirus and enterovirus in children and adolescents over the summer. Particularly, enterovirus D68 contributes to the rise. Infection with EV-D68 typically looks like the common cold. However, in rare cases, the virus can lead to acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM. The illness causes weakness and an inability to move the arms and legs. The virus tends to peak in the late summer and early fall. Testing for polio should be done as well, because of the similarity in symptoms. (Source: CNN, C. Hassan, 9.28.22)

Acetaminophen and Attention Problems

Taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) while pregnant could be associated with behavioral issues in the child at age three. A study from Penn State showed that acetaminophen use was linked to a 20% higher risk for attention and sleep problems in young children. The study followed 3,000 women who delivered babies from 2009 to 2011 at multiple hospitals in Pennsylvania. Researchers surveyed the women about their medications during their third trimesters and followed up with a checklist about their children at age three. When the study was adjusted for baseline issues of anxiety, depression, and pregnancy stress, acetaminophen use was associated with children with higher scores for sleep and attention problems and social withdrawal. Acetaminophen does cross the placenta. (Source: FOX News, S. Sudhakar, 9.29.22)

Katie Couric Announces Breast Cancer

Former anchor Katie Couric, 65, has announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer over the summer. She has had surgery and radiation treatments. She became aware of the diagnosis in June after a mammogram. She had delayed routine screening because of the pandemic. (Source: CBS News, M. Czachor, 9.28.22)

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