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>> Why patients may not get attention

>> Busy pediatric hospitals erect additional space

>> After COVID treatment, an encouraging pattern

The Med & Mic™ 11.08.22

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Patients Suffer from Staff Shortages

In a survey of 1,000 U.S.-based nurses, 90% say the quality of patient care has suffered due to nursing shortages. More than half have seen patients suffer because of nurses having too many tasks to complete. Half have considered leaving the nursing profession. The shortage is the top reason for 61%. Nurses who continue to work are working harder and getting burned out. More than half of those surveyed feel unappreciated and think their employers aren’t doing enough to address the shortage. Almost one in five nurses have a side job to bring in more income, pay off debts, and balance the stress of being a nurse. (Source: Forbes, D. Gordon, 11.8.22)

Pediatric Hospital Goes to Overflow Measures

Due to a surge in respiratory illnesses, including RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh has set up a treatment tent to see additional patients in the emergency department. With wait times at four and a half hours, the emergency department had been discussing whether to add the expansion. The ten supplementary beds have been used in the past for an influx of patients. (Source: WTAE, A. Warren, 11.7.22)

Reducing Risk for Long COVID

A study from the Veterans Health Administration shows taking Paxlovid for COVID reduces the risk by 26% of later developing long COVID with heart issues, blood disorders, fatigue and breathing trouble. Researchers analyzed the electronic health records of more than 56,000 VA patients who tested positive for COVID between March and June 2022 with at least one risk factor for severe disease. They compared the outcomes of patients who took Paxlovid with those who did not. They noted the benefit even among those who had their primary vaccination series, boosters, and previous infections. The study is awaiting peer review. (Source: NPR, P. Huang, 11.8.22)

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