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>> Testing travelers for more than COVID

>> FDA to make a 100 year change

The Med & Mic™ 11.7.23

A medical news blog post

from the author of “Scoop, MD”

Testing for More Respiratory Pathogens in Airports

The CDC is now including flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) in addition to COVID-19 in samples collected from international travelers. The CDC conducts voluntary nasal swabbing and wastewater testing at seven participating airports: Los Angeles, JFK in New York, San Francisco, Boston Logan, Washington Dulles, Seattle, and Newark. The pilot expansion will continue through the winter months when respiratory viruses circulate more heavily. (Source: Reuters, B. Satija, 11.6.23)

FDA Considers Reversing Long-standing Approval of Food Additive

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) has been used since the 1920, but the FDA is considering banning the food additive. A recent study in rats showed the ingredient damaged the thyroid. BVO is used in sports drinks and sodas. It is already banned in drinks in Europe and Japan. California approved a ban last month that will go into effect in 2027. (Source: NPR, A. Archie, 11.3.23)

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