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>> CDC recommends rationing new product

>> DIY flu vaccine

>> Outbreak with serious complications

The Med & Mic™ 10.25.23

A medical news blog post

from the author of “Scoop, MD”

RSV Shot Shortage

Because of a strained supply, the CDC has issued a health alert prioritizing doses of an RSV shot for babies younger than six months and infants at highest risk for respiratory syncytial virus. The monoclonal antibody product received FDA approval this summer. The company acknowledged that unprecedented demand has outstripped supply. In the South, RSV activity has reached epidemic levels, which portends a similar pattern in other regions in the coming months. RSV is the top cause of hospitalization for infants in the U.S. (Source: STAT News, H. Branswell, 10.24.23)

FluMist at Home

Next year, eligible Americans may be able to administer their flu vaccines at home. The company that makes FluMist, an inhaled immunization, has applied to the FDA for a license that would allow self-administration for people 18 to 49, and for adults to administer the vaccine to children 2 and older. The vaccine, which must be ordered and refrigerated, would require temperature-controlled delivery. If approved, the roll out would come next autumn. (Source: STAT News, H. Branswell, 10.24.23)

E. coli Outbreak in California

The San Diego Health Department confirmed 13 cases of Shiga-toxin-producing E. coli linked to a restaurant in San Diego. Those affected range from 6 to 87 years old, ate at the restaurant in early to mid October, and became ill in mid-October. Seven cases were hospitalized, and one person developed hemolytic uremic syndrome which affects kidney and blood clotting functions. (Source: USA Today, E. DeLetter, 10.25.23)

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