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>> Babies could benefit from a new vaccine for mom

>> 11 pounds could make a difference

>> Your height and mom’s java

The Med & Mic™ 11.01.22

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Maternal vaccine to protect babies against RSV

Pfizer is planning to submit data to the FDA about a maternal vaccine that protects newborns against severe illness with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) by 82%. RSV is a common infection in infants that can lead to hospitalization in some cases. In a manner similar to flu and pertussis vaccines, immunizing against RSV during pregnancy would spur maternal antibodies which are then transferred to the baby. The RSV vaccine is being tested in older people as well. In this group, it reduced severe disease by 94%. (Source: STAT News, M. Herper, 11.1.22)

A Risk for Knee Replacement

Gaining only 11 pounds may increase your odds of needing a knee replacement. Researchers reviewed two studies involving 264,000 people and found that this amount of weight was associated with a knee replacement being 34% more likely in women and 25% more likely in men. As weight increased, x-rays showed more severe wear-and-tear arthritis. The findings were presented at the International Congress on Obesity. (Source: Washington Post, L. Searing, 11.1.22)

Caffeine during pregnancy and height pattern in children

Mothers who consumed caffeine at above average rates had shorter children than those who consumed caffeine at the lowest rates. In a prospective study that included 2,400 children, those born to mothers with the highest caffeine intake were about a half inch shorter on average at ages 7 and 8. The intake was measured by blood levels of a caffeine metabolite and not on surveys. (Source: MedPage Today, J. Gever, 10.31.22)

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