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>> The First Vaccine for RSV

>> Group to Get Free Emergency Mental Health Care

>> Dangers of COVID While Pregnant

The Med & Mic™ 01.18.23

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RSV Vaccine for Adults

Moderna says its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine reduces the rate of the disease in adults aged 60 and older by 84%. The finding comes from phase 3 trials of its mRNA vaccine targeting the virus. The company will be seeking FDA approval. Currently, there is no approved vaccine against RSV in any age group. Pfizer and GSK have also seen promising results in late stage trials. RSV is usually mild in most people, with fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing and wheezing. However, it can cause severe illness in some young children and older adults. (Source: ABC News, S. Salzman and M. Kekatos, 1.17.23)

Free Emergency Mental Health Care for Veterans

U.S. military veterans in an acute suicidal crisis can receive free treatment at any Veterans Administration or non-VA health care facility. They may receive inpatient care up to 30 days and outpatient care up to 90 days. According to a VA report, suicide is the second leading cause of death among veterans under 45 years old. (Source: CNN, 1.17.23)

COVID Complications During Pregnancy

Contracting COVID while pregnant is linked to a higher likelihood of severe outcomes:

  • Admission to intensive care (four times higher)

  • Need for a ventilator (15 times higher)

  • Death (seven time higher)

Additional serious complications include pre-eclampsia, blood clots, preterm birth, and low birth weight babies.

These complications may be related to several contributing factors. The diaphragm, the large dome shaped muscle under the lungs, is pushed upward during pregnancy, squeezing the lungs making them more susceptible to pneumonia and other issues. Also, pregnancy changes the immune system and can stress the heart and circulation. (Source: Prevention, K. Miller, 1.17.23)

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