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>> Infection at high levels

>> HPV vaccine: the minimum effective dose

The Med & Mic™ 04.21.23

MED NEWS blog post from Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC

Strep Infections at High Levels

Emergency department visits for strep infections reached a five year high in February and March. The data comes from an analysis of electronic health records. The rates of strep throat were nearly 30% higher than the previous peak in February 2017. Treatment has been a challenge with the shortage of the antibiotic amoxicillin. (Source: NBC News, A. Bendix, 4.19.23)

Single Dose HPV Vaccine Works

Data from the World Health Organization show that one dose of HPV vaccine continued to provide strong protection after 18 months in young women age 15 to 20. The three trials performed in Kenya showed 98% effectiveness against two strains of the virus that cause most cases of cervical cancer. Typically the vaccine is delivered in three doses spread over several months. This can be expensive and difficult, particularly in middle to low-income countries. (Source: STAT Morning Rounds, E. Cooney, 4.21.23)

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