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The Med & Mic™ 01.14.22

The Med & Mic™ 01.14.22

Medical and Health News Updates

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Fewer than 15% of ICU Beds Available

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ data, 19 states have fewer than 15% of their intensive care unit beds available. These include Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and with fewer than 10%, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, and New Hampshire. More from CNN.

Risks of Being Unvaccinated and Pregnant

In a large study from Scotland, researchers tracked 145,000 women who were pregnant from March 2020 to October 2021. Three out of four COVID infections in this group were unvaccinated. The researchers found 98% of women admitted to the ICU were unvaccinated, and 33% of these admissions occurred in the third trimester. There were 450 babies who died in the womb or as a newborn, and all of these were from unvaccinated mothers. Maternal death rate was higher than the background rate at 22.6 per 1000 vs. 5.6 per 1000. "We're seeing similar trends...(in the U.S.)," says Dr. Kathryn Gray in an article from USA TODAY. "Thousands and thousands of individuals have gotten the vaccine and we see that it's safe and effective and protect both mom and baby from adverse outcomes."

Virtual Visits for Osteoarthritis

Before the pandemic, people had in-person checkups on their pain and function and treatment. With the move to virtual visits, researchers in New Zealand looked at whether these were just as effective. They enrolled 400 overweight or obese people with knee osteoarthritis in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The participants were randomized to three groups: 1) web site information only, 2) web site information plus exercise sessions with a physical therapist online, 3) web site information, exercise sessions, and virtual visits with a dietician. After six months, groups 2 and 3 had improvements in their pain scores, and those in group 3 lost about 20 pounds. There was no long-term data, no comparison to office visits, and the study did not detail the cost of the virtual visits. More in Harvard Health.

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