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The Med & Mic™ 02.02.22

The Med & Mic™ 02.02.22

Medical and Health News of the Day

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Hospitalization Data from Omicron

According to data from Los Angeles County, unvaccinated adults were fours times as likely to be infected and 23 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated and boosted adults during the Omicron wave. Also, unvaccinated adults were significantly more likely to require ICU admission or die. “These findings align with those from recent studies,” says Dr. Sharon Balter in an article from MedPage Today, “COVID-19 vaccination protects against severe COVID-19.”

Deliberate Exposure Trial Results

In a “human challenge” trial at the Imperial College London, 36 people ages 18 to 29 were exposed to the original strain of COVID-19. The volunteers were closely monitored in a controlled, quarantined setting. Symptoms start at two days after exposure, with peak infectious virus at five days. The infection starts in the throat, but at peak, the virus is more abundant in the nose. The researchers found COVID tests were a reliable indicator of viral presence, and thus, potential transmissibility. Of the volunteers, 18 became infected, and 16 developed cold-like symptoms; 13 lost their sense of smell. More from Reuters.

Other Viruses Swell When Restrictions Ease

Other infections in children surged when pandemic-related restrictions were lifted in Israel. From April to June os 2021, the rates of non-COVID respiratory infections and gastrointestinal illnesses were twice as high as expected. More in MedPage Today.

American Adults Are Taking More Melatonin

Americans are taking the over-the-counter sleep supplement melatonin in greater number and in greater doses. A small, but growing, subset of adults take this hormonal supplement. The amount of melatonin people are taking has increased over the past two decades. The typical daily dose intended for short term use for jet lag or other minor sleep issues is 5 milligrams. People are taking higher doses, partly because of labeling inaccuracies. Melatonin, and other components in the pills, can cause a variety of side effects and interact with other medications. “We cannot be certain of the purity of melatonin that is available over the counter,” says Rebecca Robbins, PhD, in a CNN report.

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