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The Med & Mic™ 03.22.22

The Med & Mic™ 03.22.22

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GI Infections Drop During Pandemic

Outbreaks of infections of the digestive system dropped by 52% in the U.K. in the first six months of the pandemic compared to the average of the same months for the five years prior. Researchers looked at calls to health clinics and doctor visits for symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, lab tests for gastrointestinal infections, and Google searches for “food poisoning” and “gastroenteritis.” Of note, searches for “hand-washing” and “disinfection” increased at the same time. Norovirus and Shigella had the biggest drops. The researchers say that social distancing and hand-washing reduced the number of infections. More in the Independent.

Pills to Treat COVID Pose Challenges

Medicines to treat COVID can prevent serious illness and hospitalization if they are taken within the first five days of symptoms. However, a lot of people delay testing. They blame their symptoms on a cold or allergies, or wait to see if their symptoms go away. Some people are hesitant to take the pills. For others, picking up a prescription can be difficult. The test-to-treat plan at pharmacies is a way to address some of these problems. More from the AP.

Moisturizer Recall

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer is under voluntary recall by its company, Kao USA. The product may contain the bacteria Pluralibacter gergoviae. These bacteria are resistant to antimicrobials in cosmetics, as well as common antibiotics. Generally, in healthy people, the microbe is not harmful, but it can be dangerous to people with weakened immune systems. The tainted bottles were sold in October of 2021. Investigators are trying to determine the scope of the contamination. Customers with a contaminated product should call the company and return the bottle. More in USA Today.

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