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The Med & Mic™ 03.28.22

The Med & Mic™ 03.28.22

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Monoclonal antibody does not work for BA.2

Shipments of the monoclonal antibody sotrovimab have been halted because lab studies have shown it does not work against BA.2. This Omicron subvariant will soon become dominant in the U.S. Several states and Puerto Rico will no longer receive supplies of the intravenous therapy. Last month, the FDA authorized another monoclonal antibody, bebtelovimab, which has lab data supporting its anti-BA.2 effect. These treatments are given to people with COVID at high risk for hospitalization. More in STAT News.

Omicron deaths double for J&J recipients

Figures from the CDC point to deaths for people who received the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine peaked at double the rate of other vaccinated Americans during the Omicron wave. In early January, COVID death rates for J&J vaccine recipients reached 5 out of 100,000; for those who got Pfizer or Moderna, it was 2 out of 100,000. For the unvaccinated, the death rate was 20 per 100,000. Johnson and Johnson highlights CDC data reflecting the same or lower rates of breakthrough infections. More from CBS News.

Flu Cases Rising

Flu cases are rising across the U.S., although numbers remain low. Also the number of flu-related hospitalizations has been going up over the past two months. The most recent cases have been reported in the Midwest and parts of the South. So far, 3-million cases have been reported, with 1,800 deaths, including 13 children. More from NBC News.

Sleep Left

Sleeping on your left side can reduce symptoms of acid reflux. This position worked better than lying on your right side or on your back. This insight comes from a prospective 57-participant cohort study fitted with a stomach pH monitor and a position monitor. Very few people slept face down or sitting up, so the analysis did not include those positions. More in Gastroenterology Advisor.

Contemplation Corner:

  • How will this homicide verdict affect reporting and transparency about medical errors? More from the AP.

  • As free tests, vaccines, and treatments come to an end, how will this impact the fight against coronavirus? More from the Boston Globe.

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