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The Med & Mic™ 04.19.22

>> Medical detectives investigate children struck by illness

>> How to live longer with diabetes

>> Where the widespread inflammation in COVID comes from

The Med & Mic™ 04.19.22

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Hepatitis in Kids Under Investigation

Children in several countries have developed severe liver inflammation, and the World Health Organization is investigating. The cause has not yet been determined, but a cold virus is the prime suspect. Cases in the UK, Spain, Ireland, and the U.S. have been noted. The nine U.S. cases, ages 1 to 6, were all in Alabama, but there could be more elsewhere. Two children required liver transplants. More from the AP.

Adding Years of Life with Type 2 Diabetes

Getting four measures under control was linked to longer life in a study of 421 people with type 2 diabetes:

  • HgbA1C, a long-term blood sugar test. Those who started with the highest numbers (around 10) and got them down to normal (around 6) added nearly 4 years to life expectancy.

  • BMI, or body mass index. People with average body mass indices of 24 to 33 had two to four years of extra life compared to those with a BMI of 41.

  • Systolic blood pressure, or the “top number”. Those with a reading of 114 to 139 gained one to two years compared to those with a reading of 160.

  • LDL, the bad cholesterol. People with an average level of 59 to 107 had six to 12 months more than people at 146.

Early Responder Immune Cells Bring COVID Inflammation

The widespread inflammation of COVID-19 is caused by the virus killing off the early responder types of immune cells in the blood and lungs. Researchers compared blood samples collected from the ER to those of healthy people and people with other types of respiratory illness. They also looked at autopsy tissue of people who died of COVID. In people with COVID, 6% of the specific immune cells in the blood die, which is a lot. “Dying cells are rapidly eliminated from the body,” says study co-author, Dr. Judy Leiberman in an article from UPI. The involvement of these immune cells was a surprise, because they do not carry the ACE2 protein that the novel coronavirus uses to gain access into cells.

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