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The Med & Mic™ 04.27.22

>> Removing a pill from your daily routine

>> 60% of Americans have something in common

>> A third dose request for a special group

The Med & Mic™ 04.27.22

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ASA Guidance Changes

The U.S. Preventive Service Task Force says there is little benefit of daily aspirin for healthy people. Also, with age, the daily dose could increase the risk of bleeding in the stomach and brain. The practice of taking daily aspirin was thought to prevent stroke and heart attack. However, based on a review of several randomized clinical trials, the USPSTF says people over 60 should not start taking aspirin to prevent a heart attack if they’ve never had one. There may be some benefit to younger people at higher risk for heart attack or stroke. If you have had a heart attack or stroke, and your doctor has prescribed daily aspirin to prevent another one, do not stop taking it. More from CNN.

Majority of U.S. has had COVID

In the post-Omicron era, COVID has infected six out of ten Americans. This is up from one in three in early December. For children, three out of four have been infected. The figures are from the CDC’s seroprevalence data, the information from blood tests in which antibodies are detected against the virus itself and not the vaccine. Seroprevalence can provide a more accurate picture. Because people don’t always get tested, and tests don’t always get reported, case counts may underestimate. More from STAT News.

Booster for Kids

Pfizer has asked the FDA to authorize COVID booster shots for kids 5 to 11. “The data right now really support vaccine and boosters in particular to maintain immunity,” says infectious diseases researcher Dr. Yvonne Maldonado in a report from NPR. Vaccine advocate Dr. Paul Offit says two doses are sufficient to protect against severe disease and doesn’t see a reason to give a third dose now. Demand for the booster may be low with case rates being low across much of the country.

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