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The Med & Mic™ 04.29.22

>> Bird Flu takes a new turn

>> Smoking becomes less cool

>> Depression in Young Adults “These are scary high numbers.”

>> State reports possible death from mysterious illness

The Med & Mic™ 04.29.22

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First U.S. Bird Flu Case in a Human

A 40-year-old Colorado man has tested positive for avian influenza with subtype H5 (the N portion has not been revealed). The U.S. has been having an H5N1 outbreak in wild birds and commercial poultry. The man is in isolation and receiving antiviral therapy. He is incarcerated and had been working with poultry. In December, a man in the U.K. infected with H5N1 was the first known human case. More in STAT News.

Menthol Ban

The FDA proposed a ban on menthol cigarettes and cigars. Menthol was the last flavor allowed in American cigarettes. One in three smokers use menthol cigarettes. More than 50% of kids who smoke use menthols. The tobacco industry has marketed menthol products to communities of color, and they are the choice of 85% of Black smokers. “The resulting health consequences have been devastating,” says Dr. Julie Morita of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in a CNN report.

Nearly Half of Young Adults Report Depression Symptoms

In a survey by the COVID States Project, 49% of respondents report symptoms of depression, with 26% at a level that warrants clinical attention. “These are scary high numbers, and it’s not surprising that mental health services are overwhelmed,” says study author Katherine Ognyanova, PhD in an article from Forbes. The survey involved 22,000 people across the nation in the month of March. Of note, rates peaked in December 2020. Pre-pandemic, the rate was 8%.

Wisconsin Reports Possible Hepatitis-Related Death

The Wisconsin Department of Health is investigating four cases of pediatric hepatitis. Of these, one child required a transplant, and one died. If hepatitis and adenovirus are confirmed, this would be the first linked death in the U.S. More than two dozen cases have been reported in seven states. More from CBS News.

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