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The Med & Mic™ 05.06.22

>> FDA limits a vaccine

>> The squeeze on boosters

>> Screening colonoscopy for younger women

The Med & Mic™ 05.06.22

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FDA Limits J&J COVID Vaccine

The FDA has limited Johnson and Johnson’s single dose COVID-19 vaccine to adults who would otherwise not agree to be vaccinated and who cannot take one of the other available vaccines. The FDA says the risk of a rare clotting disorder called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (TTS) warrants limiting access to the vaccine. A ninth death after receiving the vaccine has been reported, putting the risk at one death per 2 million doses. The mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna do not carry the same risks. More in STAT News.

Vaccine Supply Could Run Out

The government will run out of COVID-19 vaccine if it encourages all adults to get a second booster by September. FDA officials have hinted that all American adults 50 and older may be urged to get a second booster this fall. If this happens, the country would need 87 million more vaccines for adult boosters, and 5 million more for first boosters for children. More in STAT News.

Earlier Colonoscopies for Women

Women who had colon cancer screening with a colonoscopy between ages 45 and 49 had a lower risk of colorectal cancer compared to those who started five years later. There were 72 fewer cases per 100,000 women compared to those who began screening at 50 to 54. A 51% increase in incidence of colorectal cancer has been noted in younger people over the past 50 years. The study involved 112,000 women from the Nurses’ Health Study II who were followed from 1991 to 2017. Participants were generally healthy and 92% were white. More from MedPage Today.

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