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The Med & Mic™ 05.09.22 A Med & Mic™ EXTRA!

>> Could Athlete’s Poop Shape You Like An Athlete?

The Med & Mic™ 05.09.22 A Med & Mic™ EXTRA!

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Poop Props or Flops?

The company Fitbiomics has developed a “poop pill,” called Nella. It’s made from bacteria harvested from the feces of high-performing athletes. The idea is to influence the microbiome, the bacteria in the gut, to improve mental and physical health.

CEO Dr. Jonathan Scheiman focused on this line of research at Harvard. In elite Boston marathon runners he found the levels of bacteria called Veillonella atypica were consistently high. Lab animals that consumed these bacteria had more endurance.

Read more about this idea and product in this New York Post article.

Health product strategist Dr. Samantha Nazareth has this reaction: “Bacteria don’t work in isolation. There’s usually a gang (bacteria, virus, archaea [single cell organisms]) that co-exist together. And they need proper conditions to remain alive – you need to eat the same diet as the athlete and generally have the same lifestyle.”

The company is still seeking regulatory approval for similar supplements.

Dr. Maria Simbra | Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC.

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