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The Med & Mic™ 05.10.22

>> What you can do to decrease your risk of dementia

>> New diagnoses of chronic health conditions decrease with a common factor

>> More states report mysterious hepatitis

The Med & Mic™ 05.10.22

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Risk Factors for Dementia

More than one in three cases of Alzheimer’s diseases is linked to eight risk factors you can do something about.

  • Midlife obesity**

  • Midlife high blood pressure

  • Physical inactivity**

  • Depression

  • Smoking

  • Low education**

  • Diabetes

  • Hearing loss

** These factors were most prominently associated with dementia.

A similar study published more than ten years ago identifies physical inactivity, depression, and smoking as the most important risk factors.

“The growing number of people who are obese in the U.S. could have a major long-term impact on dementia rates,” says study author Deborah Barnes, phD, MPH in an article from MedPage Today.

Risk of chronic health problems lower for vaccinated people

A analysis of 1.6-million medical records shows the risk of long-COVID, and new high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease after a breakthrough case of COVID were lower among those who were vaccinated. The researchers hypothesize that the vaccine contributes to lower levels of inflammation during the acute phase of the illness, which leads to better outcomes. More from MedPageToday

Mysterious hepatitis in two dozen states

Two dozen states have cases of a mysterious hepatitis in children. The illness is unrelated to the common viruses that cause hepatitis. More than 100 possible cases of the severe liver disease and five deaths have been reported. The cases, mostly toddlers, go back to October. Adenovirus has been detected in half of the children, but it is not yet clear if that is the cause. More from the AP.

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