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The Med & Mic™ 05.12.22

>> An unfortunate record high

>> Which symptoms linger 2 years after COVID?

>> Spraying away dementia

>> MLB hit with contagion

>> Radical take on inflammation

The Med & Mic™ 05.12.22

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Overdose deaths hit a record high

The CDC says 107,000 people died of a drug overdose last year. This is a 15% increase from the previous record the year before. The figures are extrapolated from death certificates. Overdose deaths are often related to multiple drugs. Alaska had the highest increase with 75% more deaths, whereas the numbers decreased in Hawaii. More from the AP.

Symptoms persist two years after COVID hospitalization

A new study that may be the longest and largest to follow people with long COVID shows 55% still had at least one symptom two years after hospitalization for COVID. Researchers analyzed the records of more than a thousand people who were discharged from the hospital in Wuhan, China between January 7 and May 29, 2020. Pain, fatigue, problems sleeping, and mental health troubles were among the lingering symptoms. “I do worry that it is going to have some long-term impact on disability and in function for some patients,“ says infectious diseases specialist Dr. Kristine Erlandson in a CNN report.

Nasal spray for Alzheimer’s

Researchers are studying a nasal spray to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The spray contains an immune modulator called Protollin, derived from bacteria. The protein activates white blood cells to clear plaques in the brain. The phase one trials to evaluate dosage and safety involve 16 participants with early stage disease. Larger trials are planned. FDA approval could be at least five years away. More from WCVB.

MLB game postponed

Multiple positive COVID-19 tests, including Cleveland Guardians manager Terry Francona, have caused the first postponement of a Major League Baseball game this season. Multiple Cleveland coaches and support staff have COVID, but no known current cases among players. MLB will require masks again for the team if it reaches a certain threshold of cases. More from the AP.

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