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The Med & Mic™ 12.23.22

The Med & Mic™ 12.23.22

Insightful, supportive coaching to help you meet your speaking goals

Hello, Doctor!

The media may approach you for an interview on a medical study.

Here is a question to ask yourself as you prepare to communicate information about the study:

Have I met the needs of the media?

Then ask yourself:

  • Do I respond to media inquiries in a timely fashion?

  • Have I reviewed and approved my institution’s or organization’s press release?

  • Am I available for media interviews the day before or after a press release goes out?

  • Does the news release communicate the primary findings accurately and without exaggeration? Does it provide new insight or help to enhance public understanding?

  • Do I tactfully correct misinformation in the media? Do you follow up with journalists to acknowledge an accurate, insightful story?

And that is it for this series: How to Prepare for Communicating Study Information. Stay tuned for the next series coming soon!

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Editor’s note: The daily medical news updates are on holiday break for the month of December. Happy Holidays! See you in 2023.

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