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>> New vaccine recs for pregnant women

>> The looming hair product ban

The Med & Mic™ 10.17.23

MED NEWS blog post from Dr. Maria ON Speaking, LLC

Four Vaccines for Pregnant Women

For the first time, the CDC recommends four immunizations for pregnant women: flu, COVID, pertussis, and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). The shots can protect both the mother and the newborn. However, the CDC reports vaccine reluctance has grown from 17% to 25% over the past year. In addition, the CDC has found that 47% of expectant mothers got flu shots, down from 58% prior to the pandemic. (Source: NBC News, E. Edwards and J. Weaver, 10.17.23)

FDA Proposes Ban on Hair-Straightening Products

The FDA plans to propose a ban on chemical relaxers and pressing products linked to health risks, such as ovarian, breast, and uterine cancers. Specifically, the ban would involve products containing formaldehyde and and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals. Also, the FDA is expected to include language about the link to short-term effects, such as allergic reactions and breathing problems. (Source: CNN, J. Howard and A. Musa, 10.13.23)

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