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#Doctor, could you comment on these topics to the #media today?

>> Deadly infections post-hurricane

>> The new variants in town

>> The risk of certain hair treatments

The Med & Mic™ 10.19.22

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Deadly Skin Infections in Florida

Florida has had multiple cases of infection with the “flesh-eating” bacteria, Vibrio vulnificans. In Lee County after Hurricane Ian, 29 people have become ill and four people have died. The bacteria are found in warm, brackish seawater and can infect cuts and wounds. Raw or undercooked oysters can also be contaminated and cause illness. Signs of infection include fever, chills, a drop in blood pressure, and blisters. Prompt medical attention is warranted. Vibrio does not spread person-to-person. (Source: WebMD, L. O’Mary, 10.18.22)

New Variants Gain Ground

Omicron BA.5 is losing ground in the U.S., accounting for only two out of three cases of COVID. In August, 99% of cases were from BA.5. Now, new variants such as BA.4.6 (12%), BQ.1 (11%), and BF.7 (5%) are taking hold as second and third generations of BA.5. There is some concern that the new mutations could evade immunity from vaccines and prior illness, however, the new bivalent boosters which cover BA.4 and BA.5 should provide some protection against the emerging variants. (Source: USA Today, A. Rodriguez, 10.18.22)

Hair Treatments and Cancer

Women who use chemical straighteners or relaxers are at higher risk of developing uterine cancer. In a study from the NIH, the risk of uterine cancer by age 70 is 4% in women who use the products versus 1.6% in women who do not. The data comes from a collection of medical records and surveys from tens of thousands of women ages 35 to 74. The researchers note the finding is especially concerning for Black women who are more likely to use these hair treatments. (Source: NPR, B. Sullivan, 10.19.22)

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